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Community Outreach

Thanks very much to Hammersmith & Fulham council who have

just given ArtWest a grant for our event. We will do our best to

repay this by reaching out to local neighbourhoods.

We have also been shortlisted this year as one of three community projects from the Tesco Bags of Help initiative which sees grants of between £1000-4000 raised from carrier bag sales in Tesco stores awarded to local ventures. This will help us pay for distribution of our flyers to people in the local area.



School workshops


June Bartlett and Asaki Kan have been holding art workshops

in Kenmont Primary School since 2013 to help and encourage children to be more creative in life. We always receive a good response from teachers and parents as well as children.


This year, Asaki Kan has started to hold art workshops at the

Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre (

and for the Old Oak & Park Royal Development Corporation at the Central Middlesex Hospital. We hope to continue to be involved with local communities and to help people explore creativity in this way.



Koestler Trust


As part of our outreach, for the past 6 years we have been working with the Koestler Trust, which is a charity

that encourages prisoners to create artwork. Every year, they collect paintings, sculpture and prints from prisons all over the country, and volunteer artists review them give critical feedback about each work. Some pieces are incredibly skillful, and indeed inspiring. We find this activity extremely rewarding, and we would like very much to continue to work with the Koestler Trust.



These are some photos from the workshops conducted so far in 2018.

Asaki Kan held three at the Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre and one at Kenmont school. During the first, she showed workshops attendees how to make plaster casts of their hands. At the second one, children used glitter to decorate an image of their school (3rd and 4th images below). The most recent was an origami workshop.



In early 2018 Shona Elrick led 2 art workshops for local people with Dementia & their carers at H & F Town Hall, in part helped by HUC via Peggy Coles & in part via Art4Dementia Charity working with Dementia Pathfinders.



Previous years:


Asaki Kan led an art workshop in the summer of 2016 at Old Oak Primary School, Braybrook Street, East Acton, and four workshops were held at Kenmont School in July, led by Asaki Kan and June Bartlett. June focused on the Golden Jubilee and Asaki did workshops using magnets, paper and clay.


In late 2017 Shona Elrick led a workshop for the A level group at Queens Park Community School, NW6, on the properties of clay,

and creative use of slip.



Materials for all our workshops are kindly donated by Cass Art.



If any organisation, school or individual is interested in holding an art workshop, please get in touch. The workshops are for everyone; all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Please contact Asaki Kan 07930 886065



The 'glitter' school, made by children at the Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre during a recent workshop led by Asaki Kan.

Asaki in workshop DSC02822 DSC02829

Asaki showing children how to make plaster hands at Kenmont school

Origami at Old Oak summer 18

Asaki teaching origami at Old Oak Community & Children’s Centre